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What is digital signage? Well, let’s look at the first word “digital” something using digits or binary code like electronic devices or displays. The word “Signage” is more of a description of the purpose of the content that is displayed, content like videos, multimedia information, and advertising. Digital Signage is simply electronic displays, like the one on your phone, a TV, or the billboards in time square to the ones lining the highway. Any electronic display can be used for digital signage. Displays can be LCD, LED, OLED, Projectors, Tablets, or Smartphones. It doesn’t matter, if it can display digital content it can be used as Digital Signage.

When you’re a business, you have information that you would like your customers to see that help you sell your products or you have the information you want people to know. Digital Signage are displays used to sell or disseminate information.

There are a few ways you can go about transforming everyday displays into digital signage. You can just take a TV with a USB port, and use a thumb drive. Load your content and put it on the TV. When your promotion changes — however– you have to take out the thumb drive, bring it over to your computer, update the content, then go back to the TV and put the thumb drive back in. This is the most basic option and it can become cumbersome if you’re being effective with your signage by changing your content often and keeping it fresh. This option becomes time-consuming if you have multiple displays and virtually impossible to manage if you have more than one location. This option makes you rely on external programs to edit and create your content.

Here is an example of something that is just “too much” doing “too little.” You take a dedicated computer or laptop and use the TV as a monitor. This is over complicating things and using too much expensive hardware. Just like the thumb drive option, it requires manual updating and you have to be onsite to make any changes. This is a heavy way to go about it, but it does turn a TV or monitor into Digital Signage.

You can always hire audiovisual specialists to come to your business and hard wire up your displays to a computer, but this is highly unnecessary and expensive. With all the technology we have today, Digital Signage is something you can do yourself for very little cost.

The easiest to use option for real-life applications, especially if you have multiple displays in multiple locations and you’re effectively using your displays by keeping your content fresh… is cloud-based digital signage.

Everything is cloud-based these days, why not the displays you’re using for business? There are a few options out there but some are cheaper than others and some do a way better job.

Display.Stream is the ultimate platform for digital signage because it is self-service and gives you endless possibilities. From content creation to interactive applications to easy multi-display management to a peer-to-peer advertising network of independently owned DOOH digital displays. With Display.Stream you can not only digitize your business with digital signage but also gain exposure by entering your displays into the peer-to-peer network of advertising displays where your business gains exposure by appearing on a global map and you earn substantial additional revenue by displaying advertisements of which you can accept or deny.

Hosting your displays in the peer-to-peer advertising network is completely optional, but Display.Stream does give hosts an unheard of 70% ad revenue share. It’s very easy and quick to gain your business digital signage and make advertising part of your revenue stream. Display.Stream makes Digital Signage so easy a single individual can manage thousands of displays all while giving your business the ability to add advertising to your revenue stream.

Display.Stream is here to help you, we want to make Digital Signage easy, affordable, and something you can do yourself. We want to make it possible for any business to get into the lucrative world of advertising.

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