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Digital Signage and Kiosks platform.

Build your business on top of a robust foundation.
Focus on your customers and let us take care of the rest.

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Create stunning content and broadcast to any screen.

From a smartphone or laptop anywhere in the world, upload and design eye catching content and manage multiple displays & screens.

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Settings, Drag & Drop, Layouts and Animations
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Works with any hardware and operating system.

Works with commercial displays, consumer TV screens, billboards and feet-in-motion devices!
We have built players for all platforms including Android, FireOS, ChromeOS, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, RaspBerry Pi and custom White Label packages.
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CustomizeSave timeSave moneyGet inspired

Choose from a variety of ready-to-use templates.

Create beautiful stories in no time with professionally designed templates.

Signup to Display.Stream Digital Signage and Kiosks Platform to get full access to all available design templates.

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Engage with customers through digital experiences.

Capture your customer’s attention and motivate them to engage with your brand and products through custom and trackable QR codes. Display.Stream Digital Signage and Kiosks Platform can capture insightful data about your audience behavior.

  • Design tools to create professional experiences
  • Measure and adjust your content
  • Create brilliant content with our simplified SDK
  • Integrate with our REST API
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Join our marketplace and reach out to thousands of customers.

Sell widgets, applications, consulting, advertising and more. We will promote your business, products and services to all our customers.

  • Setup your seller account in minutes and start selling your products and services right away.
  • Our White Label helps you build the brand your customers get attached to.
  • Generate a life time monthly revenue when your customers buy products through your account.
  • Workspaces and Smart Tags allow you to manage your customers easily and securely.
  • Spots and Data Sources opens up new opportunities for your business where you can monetize your screens air-time.
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Developers & Enthusiasts.

Unleash your creativity, use Display.Stream Digital Signage and Kiosks Platform SDK, API and cloud infrastructure to create smart and engaging integrations, publishing workflows, and applications.

  • Create applications with a simplified display Web SDK. Only HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge required
  • Integrate your applications and services through Display.Stream REST API
  • Use Display.Stream cloud infrastructure services to store data, instant messaging, search, and more
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