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Want Share Groupon Deals on your Screens Using Digital Signage?

Groupon deals can now exist beyond the Groupon platform and reach new audiences. Get your Groupon deals in front of the customers passing by your storefront or use them to sell services to the customers in your store that they may have never considered before…

Using Groupon with Free Digital Signage

Getting your Groupon deals to work for you outside of the Groupon platform is how you make the most of your merchant profile. Not only is this super easy to do, but it’s also free.

Marketing is easier with Digital Signage

When it comes to marketing we can tend to think only online, we can’t forget about the marketing value of our real estate. Not only is it one of our biggest investments, but it is also the marketing tool with the most visibility. People visiting your store or passing by are more likely to make a purchase. Engage them with digital signage and make that part of your marketing strategy. There are no more excuses not to because with Display.Stream digital signage is free and there is no limit on how many displays you can have.


Get Started by Activating a Free Display

Get your screen up and running in less than 5 minutes.

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