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Going digital in parking garages just makes sense. They depend on signage to keep things functioning properly and with the ever-changing flow of capacity varying from day to day, time of day, and month to month, what doesn’t make sense anymore is static signage.

Wayfinding is a continually evolving effort for garages, always testing and trying different ways to discover what works the best. It’s crazy to keep reprinting signage every time you find an issue with how drivers are understanding where to park and where to go once they park. When people enter into a garage they become disorientated, many visitors are unfamiliar with the area and are trying desperately to get to their destination on time. Signage is a critical aspect of any parking garage, and when you eliminate the stress of wayfinding you can bet your garage is the one people will seek out next time they’re coming to town.

Bright, rich graphics, and media displaying on sleek modern displays instantly improve the appearance of any space. Parking garages are utilitarian by nature, they are designed to be useful and practical rather than attractive. The walls are brick and cement, cross members show age and the toll from the elements. Adding digital displays is the perfect complement to such an environment elevating the ambiance and transforming the dark and dreary into a modern urban vibe. Pass on repainting the walls and install digital displays instead, it will solve wayfinding logistics and have much more of an impact on the appearance of the garage.

Don’t fall victim to digital signage vendors over complicating everything and selling you expensive hardware and ludicrous installation charges that come with a bird’s nest of wiring and the need for a dedicated computer to operate the displays. These require you to be onsite to make any changes to your content and you’re at the mercy of the vendor and what they’ll charge you should anything go down.

Honestly, you and your staff have enough things to do, and adding digital signage shouldn’t bring more work and another substantial expense. Going digital should make things easier and it very well can with the right service provider.

First of all, you need cloud-based. Cloud-based technology has become so advanced and so fast. You should be able to design, update, and broadcast to your displays instantly from a laptop while sitting anywhere in the world. Cloud-based services for displays have everything you need to design, make updates, and manage your content to broadcast instantly to any of your displays at any location. Look for a solution that has their own hardware as well, tuff commercial-grade hardware that is ready to go and comes with its own 4G & 5G connectivity. Wifi connection can be spotty in garages if available at all.

Whenever you’re choosing a technology you want to look far into the future and make sure your service provider will be able to support your future needs. Though you may not be currently doing Kiosks or touchscreen displays, you know it’s coming, so choose a service provider that can be there with you through it all and can integrate seamlessly with the systems you are currently using. Make sure it is easy to set up, you don’t need any added stress on your staff. Make sure it can support rich media, such as videos, animations, and interactive applications, as you grow so will the sophistication of your content.

And let us talk about advertising. Did you know that the local businesses are dying to appear in parking garages? Those people parking are the same people those businesses want to visit their stores. Finding, executing, and collecting payments from advertisers is a big headache, though it can be very lucrative, you just don’t have the time or the staff to manage it. Look for a service provider that automatically puts your displays on a searchable network where advertisers can find you. Choose a provider that facilities the transactions so you don’t have to do anything but collect the revenue.

The future is digital, it is here and ready for anyone to leverage. Take advantage of the cloud-based digital technological advancements by activating a free display today.

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