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Good communication is essential to a successful organization. You want to cultivate an environment of transparency and collaboration. Nurturing cross-department communications allows collaboration across teams by helping distributed teams work together more effectively, potentially across different countries or even continents. Sharing success openly drives motivation. Real-time Information is current and relevant and makes the day-to-day feel alive and moving. When communication is fine-tuned, nobody feels left behind or in the dark, CEOs and department heads become more connected with employees and a healthy corporate culture emerges.

There is a lot of data and information on your company but getting it seen is difficult. Information gets buried in emails, and with the frequency of updates, it is difficult to conduct a meeting every time there is an announcement. Reducing the inbox load helps teams work faster, email communication already consumes a lot of your organization’s time, and email overload affects an organization’s productivity in a big way… There is a better way.

Digital Displays, Digital Signage, and Interactive Kiosks placed throughout your office space is the key to strong and healthy communications. With the latest technological advancements, things that were once difficult and costly to implement have become so easy a single person can manage an entire corporation across multiple locations. The future is Digital, it is here and ready for anyone on your staff to leverage.

Aside from communications, having displays that convey your brand throughout your office brings a modern vibe to your employees and your visitors. Having rich media playing on displays livens up the environment and sends a clear message to visitors that your company is on the cutting-edge and has a well-informed staff. Your space feels modern and alive, just like your business.

Once you begin there are so many ways to use your displays to enhance your business, company culture, and the bottom line, here are just a few:

HR statistics and bulletins

New insurance bulletins, procedures, messages from upper management

Company Events

Highlight upcoming special events and fundraising activities

Social Feeds

Boost employee involvement in the business social feeds by displaying them in the office

Employee recognition

Increase the value of praise by making it visible to the entire organization.

Share Success

Spotlight employees of the month, monthly goals and more

Introduce new hires

Get to know employees by keeping everyone informed on new hires.

Meeting times and schedules

Display daily and weekly meeting times and schedules

Customer Feedback

Some of the most valuable information is from your customers and everyone benefits from hearing from them

Track Performance

Performance data isn’t just for the sales team, every role affects performance and every employee benefits from seeing how the company is doing as a whole

Motivational quotes for employees

Employees get motivated with simple but powerful phrases

Upcoming team events

So much effort is put into these events and everyone looks forward to them

A healthy culture means everyone has a finger on the pulse of the company’s success and Digital Displays / Digital Signage It is no longer an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. The value it brings is immense. The Future of Digital is here and it is with Display.Stream. Take advantage of this digital technological advancement and take your corporate communications to the next level by activating your Free display.

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