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The best workouts happen with motivation, high energy music, exciting visuals, determination, none of which is found on channels four, five, and seven. So why are TVs at the gym playing daytime TV and CNN? Those channels are for sitting on the couch and eating TV dinners, nobody wants their members thinking about that.

The TVs at gyms can be a valuable asset to boost your brand, engage and excite your members as well as inform them about fitness. The experience members have at your gym affects their workouts, their frequency, and referrals. Those TV’s can easily fuel your members’ workouts, level up your enrollment, and get members talking about your brand.

You gotta take control of those displays and now there are no more excuses. Putting a system like this in place was once an expensive proposition and time consuming but with today’s technology it is as easy as posting on social media… you can even repurpose your social media efforts by bringing it into the gym and onto your TVs!

With the latest technological advancements, things that were once difficult and costly to implement have become so easy a single person can manage an entire franchise of fitness centers across multiple locations. I’m talking about digital displays aka digital signage, the future is digital, it is here and ready for anyone to leverage.

With digital displays and digital signage you can do so much and it can easily scale with your business. Start using your TVs as digital signs and:

Get more personal training

Establish an informative tone with your members. Display fitness knowledge, get members accustomed to listening to your brand for their fitness information, this transitions nicely to personal training sessions.

Get more leads

Display class schedules and personal training. Increase new member leads through user-generated content. Get your members talking about, and sharing about your brand.

Get Social

When it comes to boosting social interaction, the social wall is unmatched as a method to engage and connect with your members. Create a community around your brand.

Get influencers

Effective remarking Identify and interact with influencers at your gym. Turn your most dedicated members into your top promoters. Discover all the ways your members can influence your bottom line.

Maximize your marketing

Bring your online efforts in the gym by repurposing your social content for viewing in your gym. Add an effective new channel to your arsenal while providing valuable social proof.

No doubt this is all good for business, now what if you could create a whole new revenue stream with your TVs? Once you embrace technology and take command of your TVs you can open new channels for advertising and additional revenue. Local businesses can share discounts or special deals exclusively within your members. Help local businesses, help your members, and help your business. It’s a win-win all the way. The possibilities are endless when you combine marketing and digital signage.

The Future of Digital is here and it is with Display.Stream. Display.Stream makes digital signage so easy the entire thing can be done remotely by one person. Take advantage of this digital technological advancement and accelerate your gym’s ambiance and member experience by activating a free display today.

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