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I love when customers find new and interesting ways to utilize their displays. It was rather late in the evening that day, but I was in the area and I decided to stop by one of our customer’s stores. Unfortunately, they were closed when I arrived but what a saw made it well worth the trip.

This customer has a window display that she leaves on 24/hrs a day. When I pulled up I saw people taking photos of the display with their smartphones. I thought to myself that she must have some really interesting content playing, and she did, however, they were actually scanning OR codes not taking photos.

This customer has a whole line of products that she makes herself and she typically sells them mostly in person during an appointment and sometimes on her website. Well, she found another way to utilize her real estate for selling her products even when she is closed. She took all the products and made a media for each of one them with a QR code that links to the product on her online store, brilliant!

We loved this idea so much we made a video on how to go about doing this yourself:

This really showed me that when customers are given the right tools, there is no end to what innovations they can bring. This brings a whole new level of excitement as we grow knowing that the more customers that come onboard, the more innvoations will take place.

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