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The world is changing and new digital trends are reshaping tenant preferences. Commercial real estate needs to rise up and meet those expectations by prioritizing tenant user experiences.

Tenant preferences are changing with the increasing demand for urban and global sourcing. Tenants want flexible locations and workspaces, and technological advancements in AI and IoT are getting them there. The on-demand economy is reshaping tenant expectations about how real estate is consumed, and technology-enabled facilities and personalized experiences are already transforming the industry. Tenants expect premium experiences that not only engage but also provide an extension of services. The digital experience for tenants should be a top priority.

IoT is an important element in enhancing the tenant experience. IoT-enabled smart buildings influence tenants’ leasing decisions and are more influential than a location on tenants’ leasing decisions.

But this is a new landscape to the industry, and achieving these capabilities isn’t part of the core competency. On the surface, digital experiences appear to be a far reach requiring substantial investment, and if you had to start at square one, it certainly would be.

Display.Stream is built just for this demand, merging tenant experience creations with IoT and smart buildings allowing commercial real estate to adopt these capabilities extremely fast.

Display.Stream removes the problems around talent needs and challenges, there is no need to attract, retain, and develop skilled talent with specific capabilities suited to each area. Display.Stream is a self-service community platform connecting talent where it’s needed but making it easy to manage by current staff where you can. When digitizing a property, we are the platform to go to.


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