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When you think of banks and technology you think of online banking. 72% of banking is happening online. Customers prefer banking as a digital customer experience. When customers enter a bank it needs to feel like a continuation of the experience they are having with their online banking. Banks need to bring that digital modern vibe into the branch locations. The way to achieve this is with Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosks Applications.

Customer expectations are extremely high due to the popularity of social media, wireless transactions, and devices in general. This creates an opportunity for banks to update their retail locations and truly deliver a cohesive customer experience.

Displays placed throughout can ease anxiety over wait time, inform customers of new services, and improve the overall appearance of the bank. You can display things like live data like current market prices and the way to social feeds, today anything is possible with the right service provider.

And just like you inform your customers, you can use Digital Signage for employe facing purposes. Displays can be installed in common areas, lunchrooms, and meeting rooms. Entertain, educate, and motivate staff.

Touchscreen displays and tablets offer the ultimate interactive experiences. Customers can navigate on interactive kiosks such as signing in when customers arrive for an appointment bypassing the lines and head straight to the waiting area. With interactive kiosk applications, customers can review policies, browse services, and wayfinding.

Whether you’re interested in Digital Signage or interactive kiosks choose a service that can support both, is secure, and doesn’t break the bank — pun intended.

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