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Hotels that delight their guests are always “on”, lobbies and communal spaces must never sleep. Now that doesn’t mean your space needs to be crawling with guests and staff, but the ambiance should convey a ready-to-go feeling no matter what time it is.

Aside from being “on” all the time you have to understand how your guests are spending their time while staying at your hotel and it’s your job to optimize their time as best you can. You need to enhance all aspects of their stay inside and outside of your walls.

Guests spend 22.5% of their time at your Hotels. This is a time for:

  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Reflection
  • Planning
  • Retreat

Guests spend 55% of their time doing activities. This is a time for:

  • Adventure
  • Fun
  • Excitement
  • Time restrained

Guests spend 22.5% of their time at restaurants:

  • Reenergizing
  • Nourishment
  • Indulgent

All these things highly affect your guest’s experience with your hotel’s brand. The more enjoyment they get out of the whole experience, the more likely they will return or seek out your Hotel’s brand the next time they travel. This starts the moment they arrive.

Guests want to:

  • Feel Welcomed
  • Expedite the check-in process
  • Be Dazzled & Entertained
  • See all your Amenities
  • Know the area attractions
  • Find places to eat
  • Start planning their stay

With the latest technological advancements, things that were once difficult and costly to implement have become so easy a single person can manage an entire hotel and a brand across multiple locations. I’m talking about digital displays, the future is digital, it is here and ready for anyone to leverage.

With Digital Display aka Digital Signage, Hotels can dazzle, delight and enhance their guests experience 24/hrs a day. By placing displays throughout your Hotel, you can create multiple touchpoints with your guests all while helping them enjoy their time with you.

Some places to place digital displays and Kiosks:

  • Lobbies
  • Elevators
  • The guests’ rooms
  • Entrances and exits
  • Hallways
  • Conference rooms

With digital displays and kiosks, hotels can dramatically improve the guest’s experience. Welcome and entertain them wherever they go.

Delight your guests by:

  • Leading guests to the right place: Help guests enter the exact location they want to go
  • Expedited Check-in: Speed up the process with Interactive displays and help collect guest information.
  • **Show off the property: **Display your beautiful amenities and lounges.
  • **Entertain: **High-def displays playing videos, photography and motion graphics
  • **Personalization: **Display custom welcome messages in guests rooms & conferences

Everyone can agree that serving and informing guests is of the highest priority. Digital displays are a method to do so all while adding to the ambiance and instantly bringing a modern vibe.

Serve and inform by helping guests with:

  • On-site amenities listings: Browse property amenities and offerings to find services & resources
  • Finding Restaurants : Discover the best places to eat, browse menus, and reserve seating.
  • Discovering Nearby attractions: Browse Lists & maps, get directions & book experiences
  • Property schedule of events: Show guests what’s happening on the property that day.
  • **Weather and out-door conditions: **Help guests monitor the weather and play their day.

You may be thinking “Yeah, this is great, but I don’t have the time or the staff.” Well, this may have been true before, before there was a digital platform so easy to use you can run it yourself. Take advantage of this digital technological advancement and accelerate your Hotel’s ambiance and guests’ experience by activating a free display today.

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