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Nearly 60 million Americans belong to one of the 36,000 gyms open today. While their bodies are taking on kettlebells or spin class, their eyeballs might have less to do. That’s why gyms are some of the first and most ideal businesses embracing digital signage. Most gyms need to constantly create a more dynamic customer experience and almost all already have smart TVs lining the walls.

Display Stream is letting gym owners ditch the CNN or repetitive slide shows to take complete control of every screen. They can even create or change content when they’re away from the gym. Some of the uses we’ve seen include:

-Workout tutorials.

-Health reminders.

-Gym updates and announcements.

-Inspiration videos.

-Curated ads with discounts for members.

For no cost, these gyms are adding to their bottom line while providing a richer workout experience than the competition. The only thing digital signage can’t do is be your spotter.

Take advantage of this digital technological advancement and accelerate your gym’s ambiance and member experience by activating a free display today.

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