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We’ve all learned to bite the bullet and spend on content for social media. It’s a well-known fact that we must have a social presence and stay fresh and relevant on social media for our business to thrive. All that time and money going into the social media black hole in hopes that it lands on a news feed of our next customer can be a painful thought. What if I told you that all that valuable content can serve a purpose beyond the news feed? What if there was a way to repurpose that content that guarantees to be seen by your customers? Let me introduce you to the Social Wall.

**What is a Social Wall? **A social media wall is a collection of posts on social feeds, curated and displayed on displays within, and beyond, your physical locations. The social wall allows you to repurpose your social media efforts by bringing them into your business and in front of the eyes of your customers.

**Why Social Walls? **Social walls are all about inspiring your audience, standing out, and capturing the imaginations of your users. When it comes to boosting social interaction, the social wall is unmatched as a method to engage and connect with your customers.

**Influence buying decisions. **Social walls have been very effective in influencing buying decisions by showing authentic user content on digital screens. This provides validation for the customer and encourages them to engage with the brand beyond the sale.

**Increase audience engagement. **Social walls have proven themselves as a very effective way to capture the imagination of customers and engage an audience in real-time. Using curated, rotating displays that focus on specific hashtags encourages customers to share posts and essentially participate in your marketing.

**Create a community. **Encouraging engagement with social walls is a much less invasive and sales-averse way of connecting with customers — people who might otherwise tune out to conventional advertising. Social walls can spark engagement between customers, word of mouth gets amplified.

**Social proof. **In today’s digitally-savvy landscape, social proof is important in the effort to elevate brand status. People respond more positively to brands who are active on social media and who engage with their followers. This can be tailored to an event, to a product launch, or a contest — the possibilities are virtually endless.

**Provide real-time updates. **Social walls are highly visible components at any event. It displays user-generated posts in real-time, providing immediate interest for whatever it is you are promoting and encouraging people to contribute their own opinions, photos, and insights.

**Gamification. **Social walls are perfect for running contests and as we all know — everybody wants to win! Your social wall encourages engagement and creates a buzz, and you can even control the platforms from which the contest is run. Build excitement by featuring your contest winners’ accounts and content on your social wall.

With the Social Wall, you compel your customers to share your brand on social media every time they visit your business.

With the latest technological advancements, things that were once difficult and costly to implement have become so easy a single person can manage across multiple locations. The Future of Digital is here and it is with Display.Stream. Take advantage of this digital technological advancement by activating your social wall display today.

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