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Why should you use digital advertising for your fitness center?

Where else can you find a place where people from all different walks of life, different age groups, and different goals, come together with one thing on their mind? Where everyone is thinking about staying motivated, their fitness, appearance, health, beauty, youth, and diet.

Audiences are captive at the gym, they are there until they finish their workout, and displays are the only thing to look at while they exercise. Captive audiences are ideal for advertisers, it guarantees their messages are being seen and remembered. A captive audience with a similar mindset is an advertiser’s dream situation.

Workout Wear

People want to look their best, and when it comes to what they wear, it both has to look good and perform. Athletic clothing advertisements selling items such as wicking T-shirts and yoga pants are highly effective advertisements in the gym environment and not only in regard to style. Such items are being used while people work out and they’re in the moment of being judged by the consumer. Consumers can be easily convinced it’s time to replace that worn-out shirt or influenced into needing a better material for their T-shirt as they notice their sweat marks in the mirrors. Different patterns on yoga pants can help hide those trouble spots, and the list of Athletic clothing brand advertising opportunities goes on and on.

Smart Gym Gadgets

How are those old earbuds holding up as they start falling out of your ears when you’re about to break a new record on the treadmill? Time for a new pair. Is your smartphone getting in the way of squats while your shorts pocket? Ever consider an armband? How many steps did you just get in? How’s your heart rate? Are you progressing? The gym is one place that could certainly stand to be a little smarter and more efficient new workout devices are being born every minute and the ideal place to advertise is right in the gym itself where people are thinking about and experiencing the very thing these devices are intended for.

Athletic Gear

Gear gets used and gear gets worn out, people need simple things like new water bottles, all the way to functioning gear like lifting belts, gloves, yoga mats, and wrist straps. As people progress, their need for these items becomes more necessary, and so is their willingness to make purchases that resemble their progress. You can bet they will be looking into the brands they’re seeing on the displays while working out.

Health & Diet

They say abs are made in the kitchen and they’re right so you know what else people are thinking about while they’re working out? That’s right, their diet. This opens a slew of advertising opportunities such as healthy choice meal kit delivery services and the huge nutritional supplement industry. Weight loss supplements and multivitamins all have an effective place here at the gym. Sleep and recovery play an important role in reaching one’s goals.

Beauty & Skin Care

Let’s face it, there is a touch of vanity at the gym and when we’re working out our bodies we’re thinking of the whole package. Cosmetics and skincare products all contribute to the look. Advertising such products are very effective when people have their image in their mind.

Sleep & Recovery

A new mattress can do wonders, maybe you owe yourself a good message service after that intense workout. Foam rollers to ease those nasty DOMs. Maybe a spa day is in order.

There is tremendous value in the attention of people while they are working out at the gym, they’re in the right mindset for digesting messaging from a wide range of products and brands. Open a channel to advertisers by creating a micro adverting network of displays.

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