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Good communication with tenants is a priority for board directors and property managers. Traditional ways like printed flyers, emails, and community websites are basically invisible in today’s screen-gazing world. Not only is it invisible, but it’s also costly and time-consuming to just reach out to all the tenants for something as simple as fire alarm testing.

What property managers need to do is go digital. Digital displays, touchscreens, and kiosks are fantastic for this, but up until now, it has been held back by complexities and costs around implementation. But not anymore, the future is digital, it’s here, and ready for anyone to leverage.

With Digital Experiences tenants see and interact with what the community association wants them to see. They have complete control and ensure everything is attractive, informal, and conveniently located. By placing displays throughout the property, you can communicate in real time with tenants while bringing a modern vibe to your building.

Places to place displays

  • Lobbies
  • Elevators
  • Entrances and exits
  • Hallways
  • Conference rooms

Tenants can see and interact with information about the areas that they spend time in, and the information is always new and relevant. Even safety is enhanced, If there is a building fire or storm warning, the community associations can instantly broadcast emergency alerts directly onto every display within the property directing residents to safety.

It’s not just about informing, with digital displays and touchscreens, all of sudden the possibilities to delight your tenants become limitless.

  • Directories and wayfinding: Help tenants enter the exact location they want to go. Let them search and interact and discover with property maps.
  • Show off the property Display your beautiful amenities, lounges, and new renovations. Let them explore and discover on their own.
  • Entertain High-def displays playing videos, photography, motion graphics, Interactive experiences set you apart as true luxury.
  • On-site amenities listings Browse property amenities and offerings to find services & resources.
  • Finding Restaurants Discover the best places to eat, browse menus, and reserve seating.
  • Discovering Nearby attractions Browse Lists & maps, get directions & book experiences.
  • Property schedule of events Show tenants what’s happening on the property that day and in the future.

Displays enhance the tenants’ experience with your property helping retain and refer to new tenants. Building managers can also share community events like networking nights or meetups. Interactive displays are a very effective tool for engaging tenants.

  • Integrate Social Media: Repurpose your social media efforts by bringing it inside your property. Allow tenants to interact and engage with your brand.
  • Engagement campaigns: Leverage your Social Media by showing tenants how they can interact.
  • Community Posts: Let tenants post their classified ads on displays, offering things like furniture they no longer need.

Once you embrace technology and outfit your property with displays you open new channels for advertising and additional revenue. Local businesses can share discounts or special deals exclusively within a condo development. Help local businesses, help your tenants, and help the property. It’s a win-win all the way.

If time, money, and staff were holding you back, that is no longer a problem. That was before there was a digital platform so easy to use you can run it yourself. The Future of Digital is here and it is with Display.Stream. Take advantage of this digital technological advancement and accelerate your property ambiance and tenant experience today.

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