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Taking orders and bypass the human element, we’re used to taking care of our business with devices. In times like these, we could use a little social distancing and in some cases that’s OK, it’s better.

From a financial standpoint, kiosks open doors to things like being open longer with less staff and significantly cutting down long term costs. Historically we would lose business to the human interaction experience, businesses are dependent on the personality of the staff, but today it’s about the digital interface and we have more control over our brand touchpoints with the customer. Easier is better, and placing orders on kiosks mimics the now natural intuition we have from our lives with our devices.

If the customers are making their orders and forget to add or remove certain ingredients, they’re not looking at your business to blame. They’re willingly excepting it was their error and it has no effect on your Google reviews. When you fix their order to what they wanted, you earn major browny points and put a big smile on the customer’s face. You turn a negative experience into a positive one and remove the element of blame.

Now let’s talk about your presence and locations. A kiosk doesn’t necessarily have to be at or in your facilities. A kiosk can be placed anywhere. Customers placing orders at work to pick up a few minutes later or customers making orders in the lobby to have them delivered to their apartment, the possibilities are unlimited. Your business and your brand can expand beyond your walls and build a presence everywhere.

Kiosk applications are constantly being built that do things faster, more accurately, and at a fraction of the cost than ever before. They can be broadcasted instantly and managed remotely. Applications can be built fast, changed on a dime, and broadcasted instantly to a kiosk anywhere. Kiosks and digital displays in general are a welcomed element, they bring a modern vibe to any space. They provide a feeling of luxury and convenience. Anyone would be more than happy to bring a kiosk into their space. So while you’re thinking of outfitting your business with kiosks, consider all the symbiotic relationships you could form with other businesses by providing them with your kiosks.

This is the future, convenience, interactivity, and brand experience beyond the norm. What was once thought to be an expensive endeavor is now obtainable with the latest technological advancements in cloud technology and the world of the internet of things (IoT).

The future is digital, it is here and ready for anyone to leverage. Take advantage of these digital technological advancements and accelerate your customer brand experience by activating a free display today.

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