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When the customers return, show them you’ve grown by bringing new customer experiences to your business with digital signage displays. Digital displays let you connect and engage with your returning customers — however — displaying the messages of others can help you make up for lost income.

You’ve always bet on selling customers your goods or services to make money, but there is a hidden un-tapped source of income you can get from the customers visiting your store. The money you make from your goods and services could seem pale in comparison to what you could be making from the attention of your customers. Your customers’ attention is extremely valuable to advertisers, and when you outfit your business with digital display, you open a window to those advertiser’s messages and they will be glad to pay you for it.

When the world reopens after COVID-19 you know you’re going to be busy. You have new regulations you have to deal with, you may have lost some staff and need to train and find new ones. You don’t have time to worry about operational time and costs that come with selling advertisements. As good as it may sound, you have bigger fish to fry …so it seems.

There is a new cloud-based technology that you can plug into and have the paid advertisements come to you. All you have to do is activate a display and your business will appear on a network map where advertisers find you. Ads are digitally sent to you and are automatically placed in between your own content. You have nothing to do besides accept the ad request and collect the payment. It’s completely automatic and you can focus on running your business.

The entire process from display set up to content creation is as simple as it gets. Display.Stream‘s cloud-based intuitive content creation console with display management allows you to upload all types of files like videos and images to be designed into a story with custom design tools. You can even repurpose your social media efforts by displaying them in your store. Broadcast to your displays with a click of a button and sell advertisements by simply activating a display and appearing on a map.

So get ready for the grand reopening, enhance your customer experience with digital signage, and have your business appear on the Display.Stream Advertising Network map. Let other businesses and advertisers find you and pay you to run their ads. Sign-up and activate your display today.

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