The marketplace.

Happening on each other's displays right inside your local community.


When the community thrives you thrive.

Cross-promotion is the oldest and most influential marketing tool to ever exist. Synergies form when businesses start helping each other promote their products and services. We are stronger when we're working together to reach our most valuable customers.

  • Promote your business in highly targeted locations
  • Build and nurture brand alliances
  • Reach customers throughout their daily lives
  • Support other products and services you believe in
  • Showcase your community involvement to customers
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Cross-promotion Management

You're always in control of what appears on your displays.

Your display's first job is to broadcast the content you create to promote your business. Content from others is first delivered to you as a request which you can accept or reject. Sit back and enjoy only approved cross-promotional content appearing in between your own content.

  • Engage with customers while they shop
  • Influence purchasing behavior
  • Enrich ambiance with dynamic media content
  • Choose what businesses you want to support
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Share with your community

Invite businesses from your community to promote on your displays.

Know a brand that would like to reach your customers? Invite them to your displays with the Display.Stream Ad.Link, a simple way to build alliances with other businesses by offering space on your displays.

  • Contribute to your local community
  • Connect with other businesses
  • Build your network of advertisers
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Earn with your displays

Make your displays generate revenue for your business.

Unleash the tremendous value in the attention of the people in and around your business. Sell space on your displays to other businesses.

  • Start generating passive recurring revenue
  • Transfer earnings directly into your bank account
  • Use revenue to promote on the displays of others
  • Convert revenue into gift cards
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Convert to Gift Cards

The gift of giving back.

Whether your displays face the public or your own employees, opening to other businesess and brands brings enormous benefits. Reward employees or introduce yourself to other businesses with gifts cards from the revenue your displays generate.

  • Connect with other businesses through an act of giving
  • Frequently reward your employees through display earnings
  • Help businesses promote with advertising gift cards
  • Select gift cards to popular brands and retailers
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New Business Opportunities

Create your advertising network.

Whether it's one display or many, capture this opportunity and build your own digital advertising business. Activate an unlimited number of displays, the possibilities are limitless.

  • Offer highly targeted audiences
  • Help businesses and local communities thrive
  • Get the most from your real-estate investment
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