Free Digital Signage… Not sure?

Free Digital Signage Not Sure

96.7 percent of apps in Google Play are free. 92.9 percent of iOS apps are free. So why don’t we attribute the same level of skepticism when it comes to Digital Signage? Well, for one thing, we use digital signage for our business and we know cutting corners when it comes to business can have adverse effects. So, when it comes to what our customers experience with our brand, we’re not about to spend the time and energy on some half-baked software that may, or may not, work properly the next time we turn on our lights.

Let’s go back to the App store. How are quality apps free? How can 100s of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars, go into an app only to offer it for free? Forget small apps, let’s talk about the big ones. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, all free.

Ok, you’ve probably figured out by now where this is going. You probably already know that most apps are free because of ads. We’ve learned to accept this wholeheartedly. No one raises an eyebrow at a free app. Sure, there is a lot of junk out there, but we will not dismiss an app because it’s free. We’ll do our research to weed out the garbage, but the fact it’s free does not influence our decision when it comes to apps, in fact, we expect it to be free.

The same can now be said for Digital Signage, without the whole stealing data and crossing lines of privacy that is. The absolute best, most powerful, most versatile Digital Signage provider out there is, you guessed it, free. And why? Yup, because of advertising, but not in the sense you may be thinking.

Now, make sure you’re seated because what I’m about to tell you may shock you. This Free Digital Signage provider does not just use advertising to allow for the service to be free, they get you and your business into the industry of selling digital advertising. That’s right, a new additional and passive revenue stream for your business.

You have your products or service to sell, and you’ve only been concentrating on selling that. What about the value in the attention of all those customers shopping, living, working out, passing by, or just browsing in or around your place of business? Are you getting the most out of the real estate you’re invested in? With digital signage and advertising, you most certainly can and it’s free.

We’re not talking about annoying ads popping up and intruding on your brand’s message, we’re talking about brand and business alliances. B2B networking and reaching your most valued customers together. Putting you in control of who has access to your displays and making sure that you profit from it.

This service provider is Display.Stream and it is doing good for communities and businesses everywhere a free display is activated. There is no limit on how many displays you can have, and the ease of use is a thing of beauty. From videos to images, interactive applications, to even design tools for creating stunning content, Display.Stream makes broadcasting to connected displays a real-time event.

This is a platform, with APIs and an SDK accelerating smart, context-aware advertising. With seamless data integrations, this platform is opening a world of connected displays where people can come and innovate. Reimagining what real-world advertising can be. Anyone can join in, at any level, and utilize it for their specific needs.

So don’t worry about it being free, embrace it! Because when you sign up and activate your display, you’re becoming a part of a future where you, your businesses, and the way people advertise reach new heights.

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