Create a successful advertising network. Fast!

No up-front investment. Put displays in places advertisers couldn’t reach before.

Professional Network in Minutes

You choose the locations and we do the rest!

Capture the attention of the public with TV Screens or Commercial Displays in the places you choose. We provide the end-to-end cloud solution to on-board and attaract advertisers.

  • Your displays become available to advertisers in less than 5 minutes
  • Use consumer TVs and / or commercial displays
  • Global exposure for your network and your partner's displays
  • Provide your location partners with the ability to promote their content for free
  • You get 50% to 70% ad revenue share depending on the size of your network
  • Use the Display.Stream console to manage your displays and your earnings
  • No need to manage advertisers content
  • Advertisers use Display.Stream console to run their campaigns
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Self-service Advertising

Advertisers place their own ads.

Fast and easy purchasing and rapid campaign launches provide advertisers convenience while reaching audiences at highly targeted locations. No contracts or assistance necessary.

  • Provide a simple and easy way to advertise
  • Offer highly targeted audiences
  • Make displays discoverable on a global map
  • Get advertisers fast
  • Work less and on-board more
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Self-service content creation

Partners create their own content.

From thier mobile phone or laptop, your partners can easily upload or create content and manage their displays with ease. Boost their sales and help them engage with their customers.

  • Powerful cloud-based design tools
  • Instagram, Twitter and News feeds
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Instant broadcasting to an unlimited number of displays
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Advanced Analytics

Advertisers get the tools they want.

Provide advertisers with data and charts in real-time. No more fake impressions, help them truly measure ROI.

  • Build trust with advertisers
  • Become a true contender to online ads
  • Provide the tools to keep them spending
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Revenue distribution

Shared revenue gets automatically distributed.

Automatically distribute shared revenue into your partners accounts. Collect your earnings in one place.

  • Transfer earnings directly into bank accounts
  • Use revenue to run campaigns on the displays of others
  • Convert revenue into gift cards
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Works with any display

Use consumer TVs or commercial displays.

For Displays that are Android, FireOS, or ChromeOS ready, just install the Display.Stream media player. For high performance ultra bright professional applications, select from our plug and play smart displays.

  • Simple quick setup
  • Instant activation
  • Advertiser ready in minutes
  • Remote management
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Can’t be skipped or fast forwarded.
Will not be run off screen by bots.

Not controlled by a newsfeed