Self-service Advertising.

Buy Ad-space on the displays of the businesses that serve your customers.

Self-service Advertising

Launch campaigns as easy as social media.

From your mobile phone or laptop, capture, record, upload or select photos and videos and turn them into advertisments. Browse locations and display hosts. Select areas or hand pick displays to run your campaigns on.

  • Images, videos, animations and more
  • Custom links and QR codes
  • Geo-Location and context-aware ads
  • Analyitcs and real-time campaign adjustments
Create Campaign
Set your budget

You decide where to place, how much to spend, and how long to run.

Now anyone can afford to advertise in the real-world. Adjust your budget for the number of views, duration, and displays you desire.

  • Run campaigns for days, weeks or months
  • Select one or an unlimited number of displays
  • Analyitcs and real-time campaign adjustments
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Advertising on Displays

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